Mini Compact Boom Wheel Loader

POWERFUL POWER: The HT930B utilizes a highly efficient engine and advanced hydraulic system to provide powerful power and excellent work performance. It is capable of coping with a variety of heavy earthmoving and material handling tasks.

Good maneuverability: The loader features a compact design and flexible steering radius, making it easy to operate in tight workspaces. This makes it ideal for use in environments such as building sites, warehouses, ports and road construction.

Efficient loading capacity: The HT930B is equipped with a solidly constructed bucket and lift arm for easy loading and unloading operations. With its excellent lifting capacity and tilt control, it is capable of accomplishing a variety of loading tasks quickly and accurately.

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HT930B Wheel Loader Instruction

The HT930B Wheel Loader has the following features:

Powerful power system: The HT930B is equipped with a high-efficiency engine and an excellent hydraulic system, providing strong power and outstanding performance. It has excellent traction and climbing ability, allowing it to handle heavy loads, steep slopes, and difficult terrains.

Efficient loading capacity: This loader is equipped with a large capacity bucket and lifting arm, enabling it to easily handle large volumes of materials. It has fast lifting and tilting functions, making operations more efficient and precise.

Flexible maneuverability: The HT930B has a compact design and a small turning radius, allowing it to operate smoothly in tight spaces. Whether it's on construction sites, warehouses, ports, or other road construction environments, it can easily adapt.

Comfortable operating environment: The loader features a user-friendly cab design, providing a spacious and comfortable working space with good visibility. Equipment such as seats, air conditioning, and sound insulation also ensure a comfortable working environment for operators.

High reliability: The HT930B is made from high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes, ensuring durability and reliability. It undergoes rigorous quality control and testing to ensure continuous and efficient operation in harsh working conditions.

Advanced safety features: The loader is equipped with multiple safety devices, such as an emergency stop button, tilt limiter, and overload protection system. These safety features provide additional protection, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring the safety of operators and surrounding personnel.

In summary, the HT930B Wheel Loader offers powerful power, efficient loading capacity, flexible maneuverability, and superior reliability. It provides an ideal solution for various heavy-duty construction and material handling tasks, while ensuring a safe working environment through advanced safety features.

HT930B Wheel Loader

HT930B Wheel Loader Parameter


Load and Unload Mode

front discharge

Walking Mode






Standard Bucket Capacity


Bucket Width




Drive Bridge Type

lsuzu weighted axle

Engine Power


Whole vehicle quality


Wheel Base


Control Type

automatic transmission



Overall dimension(LxWxH)


Drive system

Torque converter hydraulic transmission

Working hydraulic system

mechanical single joystick or Hydraulic Pilot

Lifting time


Falling time


Service brake

Air hydraulic disc brake

Parking brake

hand operated

Maximum unloading height


Rated load


Number of cylinders


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