How to solve the problem of small excavator being unable to go uphill?1: Cause of the problem1. It may be that the walking motor is damaged and the uphill slope is weak;2. If the front part of the walk is broken, the excavator will not be able to climb up the slope;3. The small excavator cannot
2024/05/16 15:46
HT10 mini excavator is a small and efficient excavator, which is widely used in urban construction, land preparation, road maintenance and farmland water conservancy. The following are the main features and parameters of this model:Compact size: HT10 mini excavator has a small size and light weight
2024/05/11 16:44
On 12 April, the HT18 Mini excavator was installed in the Industrial Park and will be shipped to the Russian. At present, The excavator series products have obtained EU CE certification, ISO quality system certification, TVU certification, etc.The model of the mini excavator shipped this time is 
2024/04/12 14:56
The smallest tracked excavator is an engineering machinery designed specifically for narrow spaces and fine operations.It has the basic characteristics of a tracked excavator,such as good off-road performance,stability,and strong excavation ability,but it is smaller and more flexible,suitable for
2024/03/16 10:19
Maintenance tips for mini excavators include the following:Regularly check and replace lubricants, filters, and other lubrication points to ensure proper operation of the machine.Clean the surface and radiator of the machine regularly to prevent dust, mud, and other debris from clogging and
2024/02/23 16:41
Loader maintenance methods:Lubrication: Regularly check the level and quality of lubricating oil to ensure adequate lubrication of all components. Change oil and add lubricant according to the manufacturer's recommendations.Cleaning: Keep the exterior and interior of the loader clean to prevent
2024/02/23 14:47
Mini excavator is a common equipment in agriculture and engineering industry, in the process of using the machine, this kind of machinery will produce high noise, then how can we reduce this noise pollution? Let me tell you about it below.If we want to effectively and reasonably reduce the noise of
2024/02/23 14:05
On July 7, our HTS360 mini skid steer loader was shipped to Russia.Skid loaders are also known as skid steer loaders, multi-purpose engineering vehicles, and multi-functional engineering machines. It is a wheeled special chassis device that realizes the steering of the vehicle by using the
2024/01/25 13:43
The HT10 mini excavator is a compact and efficient excavator widely used in urban construction, land improvement, road maintenance, and agricultural water conservancy. Here are the main features and specifications of this model:Compact size: The HT10 mini excavator has a small footprint and
2024/01/25 13:41
Excavators are heavy-duty construction machinery widely used in earthwork projects, mining operations, and municipal engineering. With the advancement of technology, excavator technology has continuously evolved and improved, enhancing work efficiency and safety. This article will discuss the
2024/01/19 10:32
On October 30th, HT20 mini excavator was loaded in the industrial park and was about to be sent to Europe. At present, our excavator series products have obtained EU CE certification, ISO quality system certification, TVU certification and so on.The mini excavator model of this shipment is HT20,
2024/01/19 10:29