1000kg Crawler Mini Excavator

HT10G 1-ton mini excavator can rotate 360 degrees without tail, popular science engine, powerful power, low energy consumption, back cover can be opened to view the engine and other parts of the excavator, digging bucket can be replaced with a crushing hammer, narrow bucket, soil breaker, rake and other accessories.

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HT10G Mini Excavator Features:  

1. Japanese main hydraulic pump, Italian main valve, Italian swing motor and travel motor.

2. Hydraulic lines imported from German Continental Group of Companies, which are not easy to leak.

3. 100kg counterweight is added to the rear of the machine, which is more stable and powerful when working.

4. the whole machine is treated by shot blasting, pickling, phosphating and painting, which increases the adhesion of the paint molecules and makes it more durable, non-decolouring and smoother.

5. 1 tonne mini excavator is installed with a pressure reducing valve device, easier to start.

6. optional functions:

HT10G mini excavator has optional telescopic track, telescopic range: 830~1000mm. optional telescopic bulldozer.

7. Optional function:

Adjustable length shovel: 84cm-105cm, working height of shovel can be adjusted from -15cm to 15cm.

8. Optional features:

Movable arm deflection, can be rotated left and right 60 degrees, 1 tonne excavator work more flexible. 

HT10G 1Ton Mini Excavator

HT10G Mini Excavator Technical parameters:

Weight : 1000kg

Standard track plate width E :180mm

Digging bucket capacity : 0.025cbm/120kg

Track gauge F : 750mm

Rotation speed: 12RMP

Wheelbase H : 884mm

Climbing capacity: 30°

Track ground length I : 962mm

Engine : KOOP 192

Optional Engine:BRIGGS & STRATTON

Track length J : 1204mm

Main Valve : Beifang

Minimum ground clearance K : 100mm

Rated power : 10.2KW/2500RPM

Tail swing radius L : 810mm

Overall length / transport length A/M :4000/2380mm

Max. Digging height : 2455mm

Overall width B : 940mm

Max. Dumping height : 1605mm

Overall height (cab roof) C : 2268mm

Max. Digging depth : 1855 mm

Total track width D : 930mm

Max. Digging radius on ground : 3050mm

Max. digging radius : 3130mm

HT10G 1Ton Mini Excavator

HT10G Mini Excavator Applications:

HT10G Mini Excavator is suitable for garden repair, ditching and digging, town construction, farmland water conservancy, landscaping and other small engineering projects.

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