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September 29, 2020

Latest company news about WHY ARE MINI EXCAVATORS SO POPULAR

Due to the uniqueness of small excavators, they are currently irreplaceable high-efficiency equipment in urban areas. Whether in China or in Europe and America, small excavators have gradually replaced backhoe loaders; The small excavators produced and sold by Hightop Group are low in price, easy to maintain, high in efficiency, stable in performance, small in size, and can be replaced with various properties. The use of tools greatly improves production efficiency and reduces energy consumption, which is welcomed by the majority of users.


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1. Wide range of applications: small excavators are flexible, suitable for house repairs, pipeline openings and other infrastructure construction excavation work. Because of their small scale, they have some basic functions of medium and large excavators, so they can be used in smaller areas. Work in a large space, which is impossible for large excavators.


2. Good quality and low price: lighter overall weight, convenient transportation and low price. In other countries, because of its low price and easy transportation, some farmers use small excavators to replace some manual operations, which are highly efficient and low in operating costs, and are very popular among users.

3. Multifunctional: In addition to digging, loading and unloading materials, small excavators can also be used to handle operations under special conditions, such as changing other work tools: install augers for drilling and install grippers for grabbing wood , Install the ripper used to loosen the ground , install break hammers,augers, grippers, rakes, rippers, narrow buckets,grabbers, plain bucket ,trailers etc., to meet different construction occasions other accessories.


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4. Easy to transport and transfer project location: small excavators of small size can work in various narrow spaces, pass through narrow travel positions, and work in open spaces on the train without heavy truck transportation, which greatly reduces the transportation machinery the cost of.


5. High working efficiency:the radius of rotation is small, so when the working space is limited, the operator does not need to consider the obstacles on the construction site to hinder the rotation of the excavator, so that the operator can focus on the operation of the bucket, thereby greatly enhancing Increased operational efficiency.


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