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What parts should be checked after the small excavator works?

August 13, 2020

Latest company news about What parts should be checked after the small excavator works?

1. How much fuel is left in the fuel tank and whether the fuel pipe joint is loose.

2. Whether the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system meets the standard and whether there is serious oil pollution.

3. Whether the battery can be charged normally, whether the connector of the diesel engine start circuit is loose, and check whether the lighting equipment is normal.

4. Is there enough oil in the oil pan? Is there oil leakage at the pipe joint?

5. Is there enough water in the engine cooling system?

6. Whether the transmission has enough lubricant.

7. Whether the connection part of each component is loose.

8. If it has not been started for a long time, when restarting, please check whether the lubricant of each component has deteriorated. If performance deteriorates, replace with new lubricant.

Checking these items seems complicated and troublesome. In fact, it only takes you a few minutes to complete. Cultivating good inspection habits will make your mini excavator last longer and hope it will help you.

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