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What kind of excavator is needed to repair the garden?

August 13, 2020

Latest company news about What kind of excavator is needed to repair the garden?

If your garden area is narrow, then the large excavator can not enter the work at all. At this time, the small size and convenient operation of the small excavator is your most suitable choice.


However, with so many models of excavators on the market, how do you choose?


Don't worry, the PC08 mini excavator must be what you want

This excavator has the following advantages

1.Unique big arm structure design, not easy to break

2.The operation front pipeline is clear, and the protective cover protects the pipeline from being destroyed.

3.The boom cylinder adopts the well-known brand, the cylinder is designed integrated, which is more advanced than the welding technology.

4.All structural parts are finely processed, and shot blasting, pickling, and baking finish process are adopted. The surface has high gloss and high paint adhesion.

5.The hydraulic pump is a pure cast iron pump, which is more wear-resistant than aluminous pump under the 3600 rpm engine high speed.

6.All hydraulic pipes adopt high-quality German imported pipes

7. For rubber track which uses Jin Lilong/Yuanchuang brand, a well-known crawler brand in China .

8.French company design concepts and elements are added

PC08 micro excavator can also be used with various accessories, such as grabble, Auger, plain bucket, ripper, rake, Trailer, etc. I believe it will become your good helper

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