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September 29, 2020

Latest company news about HOW TO USE THE POLYURETHANE SPRAYER?

How to use a polyurethane sprayer? Spray on a wet surface when using it. The higher the humidity, the faster the curing. Let's talk about the use steps of polyurethane spraying machine with Hitop Machinery!


1. Take it-clean the polyurethane foam gun with a polyurethane cleaning agent to ensure smooth flow;

2. Take another bottle of foaming agent, hold the middle of the can with your hands, shake it vigorously along the lateral direction of the can for at least 20 times, make sure that the prepolymer in the can is fully mixed;

3. Remove the protective cover of the valve on the foaming agent screw ring, remove the cleaning agent from the foaming gun, and install the foaming agent tank along the thread to the interface of the foaming gun;

4. Hold the handle of the foaming gun firmly, make sure that the tank is placed above, and the foaming gun is below the tank, and open the flow control valve at the back of the foaming gun;

5. Aim the gun head at the bottom or inside of the part to be filled, and gently pull the trigger to start construction. The flow rate can be adjusted to the proper flow rate through the flow rate adjustment valve behind the foaming gun.

In addition, the normal operating temperature of the polyurethane spraying machine is 5~+40℃, and the polyurethane spraying machine should be placed in an environment of 25~+30C for 30 minutes before using it at low temperature.


For more information on polyurethane, please continue to pay attention to Hitop Machinery.

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