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Mini excavators of Hitop Group exported to the United States

August 13, 2020

Latest company case about Mini excavators of Hitop Group exported to the United States

On July 23, two mini excavators were installed in the production workshop of Hitop Group and then exported to the United States. The excavator equipment produced by Hitop Group has CE certification, and the products are very guaranteed in terms of quality and safety.

Mini excavators are the best-selling products of our group. The product structure is simple, the design is compact, and the fuel consumption is low. It has achieved high efficiency in various construction site operations, and has been well received by new and old customers! The quality of the mini excavators produced by our group is in compliance with national regulations. The products are light and flexible during use. The use of branded parts in pneumatic parts, electrical parts and operating parts greatly increases the service life of the excavator. In addition, our group can also eliminate the special requirements of our customers and professionally customize various excavators. Warmly welcome domestic and foreign merchants to visit and purchase!


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